What Are The Best Toyota Vehicles For Winter Driving?

Whether you are excited or unenthused about the winter weather that has fallen upon us, it doesn't matter. The winter season has arrived and in full force. Besides the below freezing temperatures, we have also seen quite a bit of snow and it doesn't look like it's stopping any time soon. How can you prepare yourself for the long wait until Spring? By purchasing one of these four Toyota vehicles.

  1. Toyota Highlander or Highlander Hybrid SUV

    This massive beast doesn't just contain space for up to eight people, but it also includes the option on all trims to add its all-wheel drive system. This feature, along with the 3.5-liter V6 engine and Direct Shift eight-speed automatic transmission, will keep your ride smooth while ensuring that your family stays safe through whatever inclement weather.

  2. Toyota Sienna Van

    Yes, we know, a van isn't what you would expect to see on a best-for-the-winter list, but, if you have to transport the kiddos to school, even when they should have closed for the day, this van can get you there. It is one of the only minivans to offer all-wheel drive, contains a 296-horsepower producing engine, and includes a plethora of standard safety features, both physical and technological.

  3. Toyota RAV4 and RAV4 Hybrid Crossover

    Yet another SUV, this time a compact crossover, is on the list. This vehicle also has all-wheel drive, but takes things up a notch with the available cold-weather package. This package includes front and rear heated seats, heated exterior mirrors, and many other features that will get your vehicle warm before you even have to brave the cold.

  4. Toyota Tundra Truck

    Although the Tundra doesn't include all-wheel drive, it does contain plenty of power and a massive amount of strength. That's why it makes the list.

Although each of these vehicles work well in the winter, they are only as good as their winter tires. You should always switch over to winter tires as soon as you can see your breath in the morning. Even the best all-wheel drive only works if you have the tires to back it up.

Stay safe out there, Bennington, and stop by Carbone Toyota of Bennington if you'd like to take a closer look at any of the models mentioned above!

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